Terms and Conditions

Reaction Group Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply.

REACTION GROUP Terms & Conditions of Purchase
Issue 8. 27th May 2012

Please read these terms and conditions carefully;
By placing an order with REACTION GROUP, you are committing yourself and your company to the conditions below. Where there are conflicts between clauses in our terms and conditions of sale and your terms and conditions of purchase, our terms stated below take priority and override any conflicts.

REACTION GROUP, PAT-PRO and Reaction Ltd are all trading names of Reaction Ltd and refer to the same company.

1. Payment terms;
REACTION GROUP operates two types of payment terms; (1) Up Front Payment and (2) By Invoice on Credit Account. A credit account will not normally be granted and by default, your order will be placed using our up-front payment terms as detailed in section 1.1 of these terms and conditions. If we have granted you a credit account, this will be confirmed in writing and signed by a senior member of REACTION GROUP management. REACTION GROUP will need to see this signed document if any disputes arise over what payment terms your company has with REACTION GROUP. If REACTION GROUP has given you credit terms when trading with us before, this does not mean that we will grant credit terms on new orders. If you do not have a signed document confirming that you have a credit account, you should assume that you are operating under our Up Front Payment Terms as detailed in section 1.1 of these terms and conditions.

1.1 – Up Front Payment Terms
Under REACTION GROUP upfront payment terms, you are required to pay our full invoice before we will release testing results and certificates to you. Our engineer(s) will test your site and you will then immediately be issued with an invoice from our office. Upon full payment, we will release documents to you. Without full payment, REACTION GROUP will not validate your testing and we will declare all testing as null and void until we receive full payment from you. We must receive payment within 14 days of the invoice date or we will begin proceedings to recover funds from you.

1.2 – By Invoice on Credit Account Terms
REACTION GROUP operates 14 days payment terms on payment of invoices. Late payment in excess of 40 days will hold an additional administration handling fee of £50.00+VAT. REACTION GROUP also charges interest for payments made later than this 40 day period at The Bank of England base rate plus an additional 2% on the total outstanding amount PER EACH CALENDAR MONTH. Interest is cumulative. Charges of £10.00+VAT for each additional payment reminder letter are also made. If your contract is ongoing, works may be delayed or halted altogether if you do not keep up payments.

1.3 – Debt Collection
Our payment terms are 14 days from date of invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing. Any invoice outstanding beyond this period will be referred to Daniels Silverman Limited and will be subject to a surcharge of 15% plus vat to cover the collection costs incurred. This surcharge together with all other charges and legal fees incurred will be the responsibility of the customer and will be legally enforceable.

2. Moving of heavy items & furniture
REACTION GROUP technicians are not authorized or equipped to lift any items over 25Kg in weight. If plugs, appliances or circuits are found to be trapped under or behind heavy furniture which cannot be reasonably moved by our technician, these items may not be tested. Customers will be made aware of these items by our technician.

3. Working at Heights
REACTION GROUP engineers undertaking PAT testing are not allowed, or authorised to work at heights. For PAT testing, the customer must make arrangements to have equipment at ground level or PAT testing will not be commenced. Use of scaffolding is not considered to be ground level. For fixed wire testing, REACTION GROUP technicians are authorized to work at heights of 3 meters. If heights exceed 3 meters, and special access equipment is required, this will be charged separately.

4. Site specific PPE
REACTION GROUP equips its technicians with the following PPE; knee pads, steel toecap shoes, high visibility jackets, safety specs, ear plugs & gloves. Any site specific PPE such as hard hats, clean suits, contamination suits or radiological protective equipment is to be supplied by the customer.

5. Working in hazardous areas
REACTION GROUP technicians will abide by all customer site safety practices and requirements in order to ensure a safe working environment for them and others around them. REACTION GROUP requires that the areas our technicians are working in are safe and meet national and European safety standards. REACTION GROUP reserves the right for its technicians to refuse to work in an area that they believe to be unsafe.

6. Work in hazardous operating environment
Where work is undertaken in an environment where damages or loss to the company’s equipment may occur, without negligence or misuse being involved, the cost of repair or replacement due to any damage or loss will be recharged to and paid by the client.

7. Items that must not be switched off
The customer is expected to make our technician aware of any items that cannot be switched off. If our technician is not made aware of any equipment that cannot be switched off, REACTION GROUP will accept no responsibility for any damaged caused or any loss of work.

8. Co-operation from site staff
Customer’s staff are requested and required to co-operate with technicians so that testing can be carried out efficiently. If our work targets cannot be reached due to prolonged waiting times imposed by the customer or inaccessibility to certain areas or equipment, REACTION GROUP may have to make a return visit which will carry an additional charge (normally, but not necessary limited to the minimum order value stated on the order confirmation).

9. Limitations
Limitations to testing a circuit are taken into account when the circuit has fixed equipment, which could be harmed during certain tests. In this case we may have to only carry out visual and earth tests.

10. Powering down computers
In order to conduct a full fixed wiring test or a portable appliance test, each piece of equipment must be isolated from the mains and subsequently, each computer must be shut-down and switched off. REACTION GROUP asks that this is done by the user of the computer so as to avoid any loss of work. It should be noted that when working under a desk with multiple computers, it is possible to disconnect the wrong equipment and for this reason, REACTION GROUP asks that all users at any one desk shuts down their computers – if this has not been done, REACTION GROUP will accept no responsibility for loss of users work. If REACTION GROUP technicians have to shut-down computers, REACTION GROUP will accept no responsibility for loss of files or work.

11. Testing of detachable power leads
IEC leads and detachable power leads are tested as separate items as per IEE and HSE guidance. Each detachable power lead is subject to its own specific test and entered in to the final asset register individually. Each of these leads is charged separately.

12. Server room equipment
REACTION GROUP requires that server room equipment is shutdown and disconnected from the mains by the customer before testing can be carried out on it.

13. Functional tests
When testing circuits or equipment, it will be assumed that it is functioning correctly and free from any defects. The customer is asked to report any defects in equipment to REACTION GROUP for further investigation

14. Cancellation policy
Reaction Group reserves the right to charge for cancellations at the following rates: 7 days or less inclusive of the first testing date – 100% of the minimum order value per day, per engineer that we have allocated 8-14 days inclusive of the first testing date – 75% of the minimum order value per day, per engineer that we have allocated 15-28 days inclusive of the first testing date – 50% of the minimum order value per day, per engineer that we have allocated 29 days or more inclusive of the first testing date – no fee chargeable

15. Lost day rates
In the event that works have not been cancelled and our technician is stopped from working or achieving reasonable targets due to customer action, a day-rate of the minimum order value will be charged per engineer, per day.

16. Disclosure of information
Reaction Ltd use Venture Finance PLC T/A Venture Factors to factor invoices and will therefore pass all of your company details to them in order for Venture to make credit checks on your company and secure payment. By using our services you are automatically agreeing to have all of your company details and information passed to Venture Finance PLC.

17. 100% Money Back Guarantee
If you are not completely happy with our service, we will not charge you for certain works completed. REACTION GROUP operates a 100% money back guarantee with the following terms;

  • 1. This refund excludes any specialist parts or equipment ordered specifically for your work.
  • 2. You have 14 days from and including the day of completion of your testing to claim your money back. Refunds will not be issued after this 14 day period.
  • 3. A refund will not be issued until REACTION GROUP has received all of the following. 1. All of your test documentation including reports, electronic data and certificates. 2. Your test labels affixed to your appliances or consumer units – at least 95% of the total number of test labels must be received by our office.
  • 4. REACTION GROUP will declare your testing as legally null and void. We will not represent you in any legal capacity if we are asked to do so. Neither will we confirm that your testing was completed for any insurance, police, legal, fire safety or local council matter.

18. Microwave Radiation Leakage Testing
Microwave leakage testing is carried out with NON-British Standards conforming measurement devices. This means that while the test may indicate a possible problem with the microwave, it is not designed to serve as a full safety test – only an indication that there may be a problem. Because of the type of testers used, initial indication of problems may be false. Reaction Ltd accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of test results. Reaction Ltd also accepts no liability for claims arising from the results or action taken as a result of microwave leakage testing. This test is designed only as a basic indicator of possible problems and holds no value with regards to microwave safety.