Fixed Wire Testing - what you need to know

Fixed Wire Testing – what you need to know

What is Fixed Wire Testing?

By definition, Fixed Wire Testing is the reporting and inspection of electrical systems within a workplace or premises. The purpose of Fixed Wire Testing is for safety reasons and to ensure that the electrical wiring is compliant with current regulations.

The term Fixed Wire Testing is also known as Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) and was previously referred to as Periodic Inspection Report. Over the years it has picked up many associated terms such as Hard Wire Testing, Fixed Testing, Periodic Testing and Electrical Testing.

Who needs to organise Fixed Wire Testing?

There are many regulations around electrical safety within the workplace. In particular, the Electricity at Work regulation that came into force on 1st April 1990, this ensures that employers monitor the condition of their electrical systems. The regulations apply to all places and premises where people work, which may include:

  • Commercial offices, warehouses and shops
  • Industrial construction site, factories and farms
  • Residential homes including care homes, hotels and buy-to-lets
  • Public buildings such as hospitals, schools, leisure centres, cinemas etc.

Electrical safety should not be taken lightly, and employers should take action to ensure the safety of their employees and/or customers. Fixed Wire Testing is an essential practice for any business; wires can deteriorate over time and quickly be deemed no longer safe and compliant.

Did you know? Over 7% of all workplace fatalities were caused by contact with electricity or electrical discharge.

In practice

A professional fixed wire testing company will tell you that there are two key elements to the process; the first being a visual interrogation and the second being electrical tests and circuit tracing on all systems in the building. These rigorous tests cover all the hard wiring in a building which may include; socket outlets, lighting, air conditioning, fixed plants, main panels and distribution boards.

It is important that the electrician conducting the tests takes accurate readings and records of the results, and that these results are kept safe by the business and/or building.

Fixed Wire Testing with Reaction Group

Reaction Group offers comprehensive Fixed Wire Testing packages which are tailored to your business and building needs, and are provided at a competitive price. Our engineers are all C&G 2391 qualified and record all their results on handheld computers, which means your reports are accessible within just a few hours!

We carry out free pre-inspection visits and all our work is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Our processes are streamlined; we work quickly to ensure minimal disruptions to your business and can offer a comprehensive visit which combines our PAT testing and emergency light services too. As an NICEIC Approved Contractor, you can trust that our practices are competent and that we always meet the technical and safety standards.

Learn more about Fixed Wire Testing

If you have any questions regarding fixed wire testing or would like to book a free inspection visit, please get in touch with our team! Email or call 0203 961 5855.