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For a few years now we’ve been helping charities on and off. I’m sure you remember last year, James Canter, James Childs and James Child’s friend, John, cycled to Paris and donated the money to SENSE, a charity helping people who are deafblind or have serious sensory impairments. This year James Canter and Paul P Kenny from Worldwide Business cycled and donated the money to Family Fund, a charity that provides grants to families raising disabled or seriously ill children.


We feel passionate about giving, so we now have taken our charity efforts to the next level with a program and a structure in place. To that extent, we have created a department to handle and schedule charity events that will take place across the group of companies (Reaction Group, Worldwide Business and Market Blast): the REACT (Raise awareness, Encourage, Aid, Contribute and Take a stand) Department, where we recognise, practice and celebrate giving.


Our aim is to have at least three sponsored events in the year across the companies and across the UK. So, for example in November we will choose a charity and a fundraising event to be carried out in February/March. After we have accomplished our goals for the February/March event and donated to the chosen charity, we will choose a cause to help out in June/July, and so forth. It’s worth mentioning that these events are not exclusive, we may choose to volunteer our time for a cause, for example, a beach clean-up, or help raise money in between these events, in which case we will discuss them and whomever wants to take part can do so.


So far, at Worldwide Business and Market Blast, we have introduced an online platform with mobile capabilities to provide free of charge translation services for Syrian refugees. We have translated an array of documents, from asylum application forms, to informative pamphlets for migrants, and providing transcription and subtitling for a charity’s fundraising video.

At Reaction Group, efforts have already started by scheduling engineers in their down time to pat test buildings free of charge for companies that cannot afford the service otherwise. The first to benefit from this has been Three Cs, a charity that supports people with learning disabilities and/or mental health challenges to have control over and choice about their lives and to contribute to the community as equal citizens. Thank you Michael for carrying this out for us!

Also, at the moment we are working on developing a work experience program that will benefit young people from deprived backgrounds. Within the group of companies, we feel strongly about inspiring and teaching future generations. We want to build self-confidence in young people, as well as helping them acquire skills to develop their creativity and interests. This programme will provide an opportunity for youngsters to explore possible career options, and, by exposing them to a working environment, we will be contributing to their learning of different tasks and experiences, which they can later transfer into a successful working life.

For everyone that wants to participate, the next event we have coming up is on December 18th for National Christmas Jumper Day. This was first created by Save The Children, who are this year pairing up with McMillan Cancer Research and Make-A-Wish-UK. We donated the proceeding to Save The Children last year, so this year we’re thinking in donating the money to some other equally worthy cause. I encourage everyone to part on this. Please share your ideas on to whom and how you would like this money to be donated this year. Remember, the crazier the jumper, the better!

For this department to work, we need to all push together. Please check our website for news and upcoming events. There is also a place within the website for everyone to leave your comments, propose fundraising events and nominate charities for us to help.

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