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Choosing PAT testing companies for multi-site locations

PAT testing within the workplace is an essential process to ensure the safety of your staff, customers and tenants. The procedures PAT testing companies follow become an integral part of a workplace health and safety practices and with the help of a professional, you can rest assured the risks of electrical incidents are minimised.

What is PAT testing?

Portable appliance testing, or PAT testing, is the process of running various visual and electrical tests on portable equipment within the home, workplace or leased property. The following checks should be completed by a competent PAT testing company who have professionally trained staff.

Visual checks include:

  • Searching for signs of rust, decay, mold or damage to wires or sockets.
  • Identifying any modifications, adjustments or repairs made to the appliance such as using tape.
  • Signs of overheating, such as burns.
  • Check for loose screws or parts which may impact the use of the appliance.
  • Observing the surrounding environment for signs of water, weather influences and/or close objects that may affect the appliance. This may include waste or heat producing interference with equipment.
  • Discussing with staff on their experiences using the equipment.

Electrical tests include:

  • Testing the appliance and wires to ensure they are safe for use.
  • Checking insulation and earth continuity for signs of deteriorating wires and connections.

PAT testing within the workplace

Many large PAT testing companies will have experience working within a variety of workplace environments. The professionals will be able to identify common appliances and issues in the workplace, and provide comprehensive recommendations to management teams.

Common appliances to be checked in different workplaces may include:

  • Office or commercial space – computers, TVs and printers, vending machines and/or kitchen equipment such as kettles and fridges.
  • Warehouses – fans and/or large chillers.
  • Property – kitchen equipment such as kettles and fridges, hair dryers, portable heaters, hoovers, washing machines and/or dishwashers.
  • Construction – handheld equipment such as drills and/or cutting tools.

There are also various influences which may impact the approach the PAT testing companies take, as they may increase the potential risks involved. These may include:

  • Exposure to water or extreme weather.
  • How often the appliance is used and when it was last used.
  • How clean the surrounding environment is.
  • If there is buildup of mold, rust or waste around or near the appliance.
  • How often the appliance is moved – typically the more often it is moved the higher the risk of damage.

PAT testing to serve multi-site locations

As a medium to large company, you may be interested in choosing a PAT testing company that can serve your multiple office locations. This is an encouraged approach as your chosen PAT testing company can help keep the PAT testing reports in one organised place. It can also be a useful management tool for reviewing maintenance and allows you to easily access and demonstrate your practices.

Another benefit of using PAT testing companies to serve your multiple locations is to ensure the PAT testing procedures are kept consistent across all your offices or sites.

Multi-site service with Reaction Group

The team at Reaction Group have a wealth of experience in PAT testing for a variety of different businesses and have long-standing relationships with leading companies such as Coca Cola, Amazon and Samsung.

For many of our retained clients, we provide a multi-site service to offer rigorous PAT testing at their many office and site locations. With our head office in Dorset, key locations in London and a network of professional PAT testers across the UK, we are confident we can serve your business locations with PAT testing.

Contact the PAT testing professionals

At Reaction Group, we have a team of highly qualified PAT testing professional across the UK; each member of our team achieves important certifications which help evident their competence. The following accreditations demonstrate our engineers and company efforts to employ qualified staff that are educated and focus on health and safety, these include ISO 9001, NICEIC, SafeContractor, CHAS, Constructionline and CompEx.

Contact Reaction Group for your business’ PAT testing needs today, call us on 0203 961 5855 or email

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