Avoid electrical downtime with fixed wire testing

Avoid electrical downtime with fixed wire tests

The main purpose of fixed wire testing is to ensure your electrical system is safe and compliant with the current regulations. But if you have ever experienced electrical failures at work that you wish had been avoided, you’ll understand the hassle! During these inconvenient periods of downtime, it can cost the business in expenses and loss of productivity.

The risk of electrical related issues arising can easily be avoided through simple steps and regular fixed wire testing. As you become more reliant on the fixed wire installations in your business or warehouse premises, it makes sense to look after them. We have compiled a few key steps to ensuring the health of your fixed wire systems.

Key steps to follow to keep your fixed wire installations safe:

  1. Keep them clear & clean
    Make sure the main electrical points in your home, premise or building are kept tidy and clear of unnecessary obstructions. These fixed wire systems rely on air circulation to keep it cool and this may be blocked due to other items. The areas should be clean and free of dirt or dust, and ideally should be properly sealed to avoid people without permission or any rodents from entering.
  2. Always use warning signs
    Make sure your fixed wire installations are clearly marked with the appropriate signs or labels, as this will help identify them as areas of risk to employees and the general public.
  3. Don’t overload a system without professional guidance
    If you are looking to adjust or add to your fixed wire system, consult a professional. Although this may sound like a simple idea, it is highly dangerous to the individual handling the system and puts the health and efficiency of the fixed wire system at risk. A qualified fixed wire testing engineer will be able to assist you; they will have all the appropriate tools and equipment needed to test the current system.

Ensure you have regular fixed wire testing

Fixed wire tests are effective inspection and testing of electrical installations (also known as Fixed Wire Installation Testing). During these tests, an engineer will inspect the fixed wiring through visual, electrical and circuit testing. These tests cover all the hard wiring in a building which may include; socket outlets, lighting, air conditioning, fixed plant, main panels and distribution boards.

Over time wires can deteriorate and can be deemed no longer safe or compliant in a short amount of time. Regular fixed wire testing is highly recommended as electrical safety should never be second-guessed.

How often should fixed wire testing be carried out?

The frequency of your fixed wire tests depends on the size of your building, type of premises and complexity of your fixed wire installations. However, as a general rule, you should look to have an engineer in every 1-2 years. If your premises are considered high risk, such as high water risks or exposure from sunlight/tough weather conditions, we would recommend having tests more regularly.

Fixed wire testing with Reaction Group

At Reaction Group, our experienced engineers work quickly and safely to ensure minimal disruption to you. We offer a variety of packages which are tailored to the needs of the client and are offered at a highly competitive price.

We hold all the health and safety accreditations, so you can rest assured our practices are competent and always meet the standards.

Organise fixed wire testing

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